Travel Questions

    This page is devoted to questions related to international travel with U.S. electrical appliances. We provide expert answers to any questions you might have specific to traveling abroad with U.S. electrical appliances. This is the most reliable source on the internet for such issues.
   Ask your international travel questions on this subject by leaving your comment (under “leave a reply”) and we will respond with a recommendation to your specific request, usually within 12 hours or, usually, sooner. Please keep your questions related to this topic: “International Travel with U.S. Electrical Appliances”.  
     U.S. electrical appliances includes iPads, iPhones, digital camera chargers, cell phone chargers, etc.. In addition to those electronic devices, we can help you with hair appliances, shavers, travel irons, etc. Please provide as much information as possible regarding the appliance and destination country.

    If you know for sure that you just need some power plug adapters check out this invaluable travel resource: World Electric Guide at the International Electrical Supplies Store

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