World Travel Guides


If you already know what you need here (link above) is a complete listing of international
electrical supplies including power
converter transformers
, solid state voltage
, power
plug adapters
, international
surge protectors
, dual
voltage appliances
, a World
Electric Guide
, and some very comprehensive World
Travel Guides

on the world travel category below that best describes your
situation, concerns or applications for more information:

TRAVEL GUIDE #1 – Help! What do I really need?

quickie, "down ‘n dirty", analysis of your situation

TRAVEL GUIDE #2 – In-depth analysis of your needs

elaboration on the more abridged world travel guide #1 but still easy
to comprehend

TRAVEL GUIDE #3 – Quick overview of International Electricity Issues

This world travel guide is important and contains some very helpful world travel information but it may be more information than you need or want. It includes the issues of surge, frequency, and outlet configurations that may affect you as you travel the world.

TRAVEL GUIDE #4 – To and from certain countries with electrical
standards similar to the U.S.

countries, especially in Central America and Caribbean, have
electrical standards very similar to the U.S. and Canada. The
following countries have some special requirements: Bahamas,
Barbados, Barbuda, Bermuda, Canada, Cayman Islands, Colombia, Costa
Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guam, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica,
Japan, Mexico, Micronesia, Montserrat, Nicaragua, Palau, Puerto Rico,
Saba and Saba (St. Eustatius), Taiwan, Trinidad, Tobago, Turks/Caicos
Islands, United States of America, Venezuela, and Virgin Islands

TRAVEL GUIDE #5 – Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

are not alone in your confusion about International Electricity and
what it means to you when you travel. This world travel guide
contains some very common questions that should prove helpful in
determining what you actually may or may not need.

TRAVEL GUIDE #6 – Relocating to 220/230/240 volt countries with
US/Canada 110/120 volt household appliances

travel guide you will want to review if moving US/Canada 110/120 volt
appliances to a 220/230/240 volt country. This world travel guide
covers those issues necessary for you to decide which appliances make
sense to be relocated with you.

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